Francis Moon - Indierock Sweden




May 17, 2016

Tossed in the ocean

Let´s anchor to the blooming heart.

And all the way down,

from high up above.

You told me to always keep my head up high.

Tossed in the open

Let´s anchor to the howling winds.

And all the way,

right through it.

Let´s tear down the walls

that keep us apart.

And the weight of my worries

is bringing you down.

But i don´t know how

to let it go, to let it go.

And I can see it in the eyes of yours.

That you don´t really wanna know

how I´m staying afloat.

I´m the ghost on the ocean floor.

Tossed in the river

let go of the glooming eyes.

And all the way

right through it,

I was the fuel to the fire

Tossed in the storm again

Let´s anchor to your falling bones.

And in the thick of it

that I imagine thin,

I´m the fuel to the fire

And all around me

the trees are falling

one by one.

There´s nothing solid,

always something that leaves the ground.

I made so many stupid mistakes

I´ll never repeat them again.

But you are one of them,

I always come back to.

(And now it´s aching in my bones all night)

Let´s fall out of love

let´s fall out of love

I better fall out of love

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